Razlin Azman

Razlin Azman, Southern Cross University

Razlin Azman hold a BSc from University of Victoria, Canada, majoring in microbiology and genetics. Prior to her PhD, she was the BamYIELD programme manager at Crops For the Future (Malaysia), and engaged with researchers, farmers and governmental agencies. She is in her final year of a PhD at Southern Cross University, focusing on developing a research pipeline for better understanding of nutritional composition of underutilised crops. She is using bambara groundnut (vigna subterranea) as an exemplar species, as it plays a vital role in subsistence farming for rural poor. Her current interests are in food & nutritional security, underutilised crops and plant-microbe interaction and she is also passionate about scientific communication and community engagement. Razlin’s interest in agricultural development has taken her to work in projects operating in Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria and Ghana.