Program Content

Four Webinar Sessions will be delivered. Content will include:

  1. Introductory launch, understanding and recognising your skills and identify the gaps, working to your strengths
  2. Finding boards in your sector and applying; application process, resumes, talking to chairs and board members, getting yourself known and processes of getting on boards
  3. Annual board cycle – what is involved once you are on the board – annual plans, board agendas, board hierarchy and positions, roles and responsibilities
  4. Next steps – mentoring, feedback and evaluation

Participants will also attend a face-to-face workshop building on skills and knowledge developed during webinars. This will be held in Melbourne.

Each participant will be supported through their learning process as they complete the course and undertake a project focusing on their personal development toward board preparedness. This could be applying for a committee or board position.

Each participant will complete a learning journal which will provide you with the opportunity to put what you are learning into practice, then reflect on your learning. It is a tool for learning, that does not necessarily have to be shared.