Natasha Roebig


Natasha Roebig – Bee All Natural

Natasha Roebig is the QLD 2019 AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award recipient for her Inclusive Beekeepers Training Facility project aspiring to leave a positive legacy for the Queensland beekeeping industry and believes that innovation and education are the keys to the future of sustainable farming. Natasha has recently aligned with the Australian Technology and Agricultural College (ATAC) in Logan, her goal to help deliver an educational framework using research material provided by AgriFutures and relevant beekeeping bodies, along with establishing a foundation for introducing the benefits of native bush foods and raw honey products into her community.

As a beekeeper, Natasha sees a need to promote ethical apiary practices and disease prevention and management. She would like to encourage a new generation of beekeepers into the industry, especially women and youth. In this quest, she has dedicated much of her time to mentoring and up-skilling industry newcomers. Her Jimboomba business, Bee All Natural, has been instrumental in encouraging knowledge sharing and industry connections and takes great pride in consistently building a solid foundation for networking and to promote empowerment. The educational platform will provide the opportunity for beekeeping enthusiasts to contribute new ideas, gain knowledge of technological advancements and will be instrumental in engaging their communities.

Working in partnership with the apiary industry, Natasha will establish an interactive training facility in South-East Queensland, promoting innovative research and ethical beekeeping practices. The facility will provide a safe and inclusive space to encourage information sharing, mentoring and networking amongst professionals and hobbyists.  The training facility, which has growing support within its location of Jimboomba, has become a credible source for relevant regulatory updates and will work closely with Australia’s Biosecurity ensuring all beekeepers are well informed and on board with securing our futures’ beekeeping industry.