Kerry Bebendorf


Kerry Bebendorf, Director, Moore Stephens

With a strong foundation in economics prior to becoming a Chartered Tax Advisor, Kerry Bebendorf has some surprising professional history that you’d definitely want to find in an accountant. With 14 years focussed working closely with high ranking state government officials and as EA to the Director-General of Corrective Services, Kerry has an eye for the law and makes sure that her clients are never on the wrong side of it.

Kerry has been with Moore Stephens (formerly DKM Group) since 2005 and has progressed through the ranks for her current role as Director. Her extensive educational and practical background serves both our clients and company well, with common-sense insights and advice delivered with grace. More than just an accountant, Kerry brings management experience and advice to her small and medium business clients, effectively acting as part of their management team to help them achieve personal, business and financial goals. Clients of Kerry’s have expressed that they remain with the DKM Group due to the close relationship and regular communication they receive.

With strong experience in the construction industry, she brings clients additional assistance in areas related to contracting, risk management, understanding industry benchmarks, financial and debt management and meeting their obligations under state and federal regulations. For small business owners these skills and knowledge are invaluable. Kerry leads her team of accountants to deliver service to clients in all aspects of their business life. From inception to retirement, her goal is to collaborate with clients to attend to their bookkeeping and compliance requirements right through to the most complex of business decisions.

This management and collaboration focus is supported by being accessible to clients and having a day to day knowledge of clients’ businesses. By ensuring that she plays a part in her clients’ management team, she is always up to date with what is happening in the industry and in each business itself. From a company perspective, Kerry puts as much care into her clients’ improvement as she does with the team at Moore Stephens. She is passionate about training and keeping team members motivated and engaged. Her belief is that when the team works collaboratively they can achieve great things on behalf of clients and that when team members are happy they will service clients to the best of their ability.

Colleagues describe her as an empowering and empathetic professional who is dedicated to the success of all of her clients’ businesses, whilst still being friendly and fun. Personally Kerry believes that looking after your clients goes above and beyond offering a transactional service. For one of her clients who faced a sudden illness, she was able to assist the family in winding up the business and estate to make the family’s days since his passing easier.

On a personal level, Kerry shows her creativity via music and she plays the clarinet in a local ensemble as well as weekly singing in her local church choir. This love of music is enjoyed by Kerry’s children and family where they regularly attend and support local amateur and professional musical theatre performances. When Kerry is not helping out clients to improve their business she likes to keep healthy and work out by attending the gym.