Joy McClymont

Joy McClymont is an inspirational, down to earth Aussie outback mum who is dedicated to providing access to top level fitness, nutrition and motivational strategies for people in any location including rural, regional and remote Australia. Whether they are somewhere in the middle of nowhere or a stay at home parent in an inner city suburb, Joy provides an opportunity for them to feel supported, connected and motivated. Through her company ‘Off the Track Training’, Joy’s programs are providing simple, fun and achievable solutions for health and wellbeing that her clients absolutely love.

Having personally experienced the isolation of being a young mum wanting to regain her own health and with no gyms, running groups, aerobics classes or fancy exercise equipment around her, Joy began to think outside of the box, learning how to integrate fitness into everyday life with only that which is already available: a rock, a tree stump, a step, a can of beans or nothing at all but a wall and a floor! Joy helps us understand that great health is possible no matter where people live or what their beginning fitness level is – and – that it’s easier than people think!

Through her role as a Personal Trainer and Health and Fitness Motivator, Joy has also helped many people tackle chronic disease, improve self-image and develop a positive ‘can do’ attitude. Clients are also reporting benefits in other areas of their lives including positive impacts on personal relationships, family, work and even in business.

As well as inspiring people in health and fitness, Joy also runs a large rural sheep and cattle property with her husband and is raising and home schooling four young children! Her background includes primary school teaching, being the school principal, achieving the Former Half and Ironman Triathlon in France, Australia & Hawaii, endurance mountain bike riding and trekking and winning the QRRRWN 2015 Strong Women Leaders Award in Business, and more recently as Fitness Australia’s Active Achiever for 2016, as well as various other health and fitness training.


Joy is on a mission to build a society where being in fantastic health is the norm and is recognized as the most critical factor in living a quality life.


Joy McClymont

Dalkeith Stn, Longreach Q 4730

O7 4658 9039


Client Review: “Joy has created a business that allows you to see the potential in your surroundings, simulate any exercise without standard gym equipment and keep motivated and enthused by using a range of audio and video as well as teleseminars to keep connected and eliminate some of the barriers that come with living in remote locations.” Shelley Hawkins, Herbetvale Station Camooweal QLD