Australian Women in Agriculture is committed to ensuring that women influence the agriculture agenda.


We achieve this by ensuring our Members are informed, enabling them to influence decision making at all levels. As an innovative organisation we seek to invest in our Members and wider network to create an inclusive agricultural industry.

About us

Australian Women in Agriculture (AWiA) is a non-profit incorporated organisation established in 1994. It is Australia’s peak organisation for women across all areas of agriculture.

Australian Women in Agriculture exists to ensure that agricultural women have the capacity, confidence and channel to be able to have their voice heard, from the dining table to the boardroom table to the political table.

Members are part of a recognised and dedicated national network involved in the development and support of Australian primary production, rural industries and communities, in partnership with industry and governments.

Australian Women in Agriculture is committed to promoting the advancement of women in agriculture by:

  • Uniting and raising the profile of women in agriculture,
  • Addressing rural and agricultural inequities,
  • Working to ensure the survival of agriculture for future generations,
  • Securing local, regional and international recognition,
  • Achieving the status of a political and economic force.

Australian Women in Agriculture core values are:

  • Caring for people, the environment, rural families and communities,
  • Ensuring the viability of future agricultural production,
  • Respecting the culture, beliefs and philosophies of other people,
  • Communicating to enable women to share their experience and develop effective networks,
  • Providing leadership to facilitate change in the community.


In February 1992, Victorian women met to discuss how they might form a state-wide organisation for women in agriculture. The outcome was on an organisation that could provide recognition of women as farmers, break down isolation and encourage access to decision making both behind and beyond the farm gate. We set out to connect women across Victoria. The concept proved too big for a couple of state boundaries and soon we had members from across the nation. Together they began to fulfill our prime commitment to unite and raise the profile of agricultural women.

Australian Women in Agriculture Ltd (AWiA) is a company limited by guarantee.


AWiA has an active membership. Every member supports AWiA’s commitment to unite and raise the profile of women in agriculture. Our members come from all states and territories of Australia and beyond. They come from diverse backgrounds including primary production, research, education, consulting, service industries and politics.

Strategic Plan

Click here to download our 2016-2020 Strategic Plan.