Jessica North

For the past 12 years, Jessica has worked at the Australian Research Institute for Environment & Sustainability at Macquarie University, including five years as its Director.

She has also written for the Australian Association for Environmental Education, Vogue Entertaining and Vogue Children. She has published four business guides, two lifestyle books, and she co-wrote a chapter for the United Nations publication Tomorrow Today.

Jessica is also co-founder and Director of the Senior Services Guide, an online directory of home-care services for elderly Australians. Her voluntary roles have included teaching English to adult migrants and providing administration services to WIRES.

Jessica has been researching Esther Abrahams for over a decade and is delighted to have uncovered the achievements of this remarkable woman who lived among many of Australia’s historical figures during the early years of colonisation.

Some facts about Esther Abrahams, the woman who arrived in Australia as a convict on the First Fleet and became an important historical figure.

  1. She was the first woman in Australia to manage a large agricultural estate
  2. She was influential in the early respect gained by the Jewish community in Australia. (Esther’s daughter, Rosanna, was the first free Jew in the land).
  3. Her rise from convict to First Lady significantly contributed to Australia’s evolving social order.

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